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Freedom4ukr is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

It’s formed for charitable, philanthropic, and educational purposes, including the following:

  • To support and provide prompt, relevant, and efficient resettlement assistance for Ukrainian Refugees and Ukrainians recently moved to Virginia;

  • To unite and integrate the local Ukrainian community;

  • To preserve, promote, and broaden the Ukrainian language, traditions, and culture;

  • To build the trusted bridge between American individuals and businesses willing to help Ukrainians in need.

    Story of our brand

We named our organization “Freedom” as…


…We CARE of FREEDOM in our Land and Ukrainians around the Globe. 

Our aim is to UNITE and Build a trusted bridge between those in need and those who care and are ready to help. We do believe and daily act with full awareness and TRANSPARENCY. As we do care for the Well-being of Ukrainians and real and valuable IMPACT and better routes for our FREEDOM and LIFE.


What does the blue and yellow snake cube puzzle pattern in our logo mean?


Daily puzzled with complete uncertainty. But inspired and enforced by the strong Will. By willingness of FREEDOM. Thus flexible - as a cube snake. 


Pattern in our logo unites 2 letters - “M” and “W”.


“M” stands for  “МИР” in our language. “МИР” in Ukrainian means Peace. 

“W” represents “World”. 


“M” and “W” are united in the pattern. 

As Ukrainians are united one to each other in willingness to make an Impact for our Freedom. Serving Arm Forces. Holding daily routines and jobs to support the economy within Ukraine. Raising kids in safer places around the globe. Strengthening relations and ties with the world community. Volunteering.


And as Ukraine is united to the whole World these days. The support and UNITY with the World helps us to cope with war and #StandStrong for our Lives and Land. As we feel - the whole World stands for us. 


“M” and “W” in pattern are inclined, affected by the global turbulence. But being united they are strong enough to keep the pattern, to save and present their clear code - code of Freedom, the most desirable value for Ukraine.


“M” and “W” are blue and yellow. As that’s a part of our code - the clearest code of willingness to Freedom around the globe since night of 02/24/2022.

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